My schedule is full.  How can I pile student research on top of my other responsibilities?

This is a tough question.  And yet, the classroom teacher need not be the research mentor of the student.  The teacher can play a very important role by matching students interested in research with community mentors. 

How can I find community mentors for my students?

We have close connections with several institutions.  Please contact us for more information.

I have some freshman, sophomore, or junior students who would be interested in conducting research next year but neither they nor I know what we can expect at the Symposium.  Can we attend the Symposium this year as observers?

We welcome teachers who would like to see first-hand what the Symposium experience is like.  We would love to make it possible for you and a number of your students to attend this year so that you can plan a pilot program next year.

Where does the Symposium take place?

The Symposium will be held at Seattle Pacific University.  Students and teachers will stay at a local hotel.  We will have an awards ceremony at the end of the second day of the event.   

Is there a cost for me or my students to attend?

The Symposium has increased its scope and reach but the external annual funding has not changed.  To help defray the Symposium costs, we require a $5 registration fee from every attendee - including teachers, students, chaperones, parents and other attendees.

More questions?  Please contact us by sending email to 

We look forward to hearing from you.